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  • Hey. I saw your posts saying you got 99.9 ATAR. Congrats! May I ask how much studying you did+ if you can give me some advice? I'm aiming for 99.9 ATAR even though the chance is quite slim.
    estimation please
    Subject... Trial Mark... Overall Rank (We did the CSSA Trials)
    English Advanced... 65/105... 30/70
    Maths Extension... 37/84... 7/15
    Maths Advance... 79/120... 2/41
    Physics... 72/100... 1/17
    Chemistry... 59/100... 3/15
    SOR 2unit... 77/100... 5/52
    School Rank: 300
    "Two questions.
    1. A HSC student doing her physics trial exam is sitting in her exam room on earth. Outside, she notices a spaceship travelling at 0.95c relative to her. If the astronaut on the spaceship times a certain event to take 1 hour, how long will it take from the student's point of view?
    2. The same HSC student times a certain event to take 1 hour. How long will it take the astronaut on the spaceship to time the same event who is travelling 0.95 c relative to her."

    1. Use of time dilation formula: T(v)= T(o)/√1-(v/c)^2 the one in bold is all inside the square root
    T(v)= observer outside the frame of reference (hsc student)
    T(o)= observer in the frame of rest or within the frame of reference (astronaut)

    therefore T(v)= 1/√1-(0.95c/c)^2 (but your velocity is in terms of c thus the c can cancel out)
    so T(v)= 1/√1-(0.95)^2
    =3.20 hours

    2. This time you just sub in 1 hour in T(v) and solve for T(o)

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