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  • your mid-year must've been hectic as.
    ext 2 due, music due, drama due, art due. all within 2-3 weeks of each other.
    you must have a pretty cruise-y exam schedule now though.
    ah yeah, true that. drama's so much more work than people realise!
    all my stuff went well, was particularly happy with my Drama IP- I chose to do Applied Research and really enjoyed it. Music was good, I did one guitar performance and 3 vivas.. pretty scary. and ext 2 i have no idea what to expect, cos it's so subjective I could get pretty much any mark! how about you?
    Well the thing is, I'm actually rather poor at Romanticism myself, I was soundly beaten Zeppelinqueen, so I'd reccomend her...
    All the same, what you're doing seems similar to the stuff we're taught... Only thing we know, as it's been banged over our heads is dont get hung up on the paradigms. Or be raped by Northanger Abbey.

    By the way, where are you going to uni? Sorry I'm super useless
    wow dude, nice combination of subjects- 4 major works?! and i thought having 3 was bad enough! haha.
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