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    hey i saw that you done visual arts for your hsc. i was just wondering what your mark was and if you have any images of your BOW? im currently doing visual arts for my hsc, so i would love any advice or help.
    Hey again. I'm not sure if you follow Imogen Heap on Twitter, but I thought this tweet may interest you. "If you missed out on tickets for Imogen's sold out London show look out for some exciting news next week!"
    I know you said you missed out on getting tickets to her first London show, so maybe you can get into her second show! =]
    Naww thank you for the rep!

    I sleep at really random times now :/
    If i'm not on the net i'm usually gaming/watching anime until at least 3am :D
    LOL XD Admiration takes little to gain and less to lose :p
    And yeah... lol sadly they're both subjects that i've gotta suck teachers balls to do good in and I haven't learnt how to suck

    And omg I would have picked subjects like yours if I hadn't dropped the guitar or gotten into accelerated ipt that i dropped XD
    Wow... That was awesome. I love obscure instruments especially when they are played that well. Thanks for sharing!
    I definitely agree with you hehe. She is just a profound person who makes profound music. I love that she's not mainstream also. It makes her music more intimate.
    Ah yes, I know! I love that clip! The way she layers her voice with that repeater is amazing. I really hope I get to meet her after the concert!!!
    And dw, I am sure she will do another concert in London soon =]
    Yay for Imogen Heap love!
    Are you going to her concert?
    Thanks for the rep too =]
    I chose Ancient and it bored me to tears - probably my second-most hated after Maths. IMO you made a good decision not to take it :p. And yeah, it's a shame I wasn't interested in most of my subjects - don't get me wrong, I ended up doing pretty decently in most of them but at the same time sometimes I found it to be such a drag putting in work all year for subjects I didn't care about in the slightest. Won't complain though - I'm sure there were tens of thousands of others who hated their subjects even more than I did haha. I'm just SO friggen glad it's finally over though and the impending doom of the HSC has been lifted. I almost feel sorry for the people who have only just started haha.
    Haha yeah not too bad - wasn't too disappointed with any of my marks, but I wish I hadn't wasted a year on bloody maths (ended up with a band 4 :spzz: - I have no idea what the fuck I was thinking taking it hahaha.) That's probably one of my only HSC "regrets" - that I didn't just drop it and put the extra time into my other subjects.

    Pretty much just glad it's over though really - didn't have much interest in many of my subjects so it was hard to keep motivated so much of the time. I must say, it's kinda funny to see some of the '10ers stressing and remembering I was almost the same a year ago.
    LOL yeah, definitely a bit slow to pick up on that! :D

    I guess "naisaton" seems to roll off the tongue pretty well so a lot of people probably don't even think about reading it backwards. Pretty stupid in retrospect. Couldn't think of a username at the time but felt I was in a minority of people on here not studying the typical "Asian Combo" of subjects (4U Maths, Chem, Physics, etc) so that's how it came about.
    I came across alot of your responses and they were so helpful
    im doing my conflicting perspectives this week D:
    haha, i think we're all pretty much in the same boat.
    what did you do for your major works? ext 2, drama, art, etc?
    and what's your elective in ext 1?
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