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  • awww thank you so much for the nice words :) i'm really enjoying it so far, getting so many great responses from people!
    i KNOW thats what i keep thinking when i read 'OMG HAVEN'T DONE ANYTHING AND SCHOOL STARTS IN 2 WEEKS'. ahh, i remember being just as stressed, but in's not all that bad.

    I think your HSC 'regret' was my best decision. I was going to take either Ancient or Gen Maths but then I thought, with 5 major works, I'm gonna need all the time I can get- and boy, was that a true sentiment. Also, that's a shame you didn't have an interest in your subjects, I liked all of mine.

    Yeah people keep talking about the HSC and how they only got a band ___ etc, but I think at the end of the day, like, it's over. Just thank god for that, eh.
    yeah, you've always been naisaton to me. i thought it might be french or something. fuck, i feel dumb. hahaha.
    how did you do in everything? ext 2? that was the only HSC mark i actually cared about, no joke. oh and maybe drama.
    lol, only just realised that your name is NotAsian backwards.
    far out brusselsprout, thats some pretty shit observation skills on my part.
    ahh exactly the same here man! it was pretty frustrating.
    i felt like i did kill paper 2 today, pretty stoked :) hope you did too!
    duuude. read your post on the forum topic about how people found the AOS paper overall. i'm glad someone else was in the same boat as me!! especially us 4unit english people :( i think the nerves screwed me over to be honest. ah well, hopefully we own paper 2 + ext 1 + ext2? :) good luck
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