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  • All the goes to show is that you have taste - I pla on dropping PD at the start of year 12 - may change! Atleast I know where to come when I get stuck XD!
    ohh ok interesting :)

    for economics, we're doing labour markets at the moment. how about you? good luck with distance education, I did that for a language in years 9 and 10 and it required loads of discipline and commitment. :D
    Hey swathard!!!

    just wanted to send you a message cause you do nearly do all my subjects

    gen. maths
    std english
    business std
    ancient history
    accounting (tafe)

    personally i dont go to a selective school and i have to do economics by distance education and my tafe course complements my traineeship as an accountant

    Where are you up too on economics?
    yeah, well I figured that I wouldnt want to spend two years doing a subject that I don't find particularly interesting and one that will not in any way compliment by future career path. so yeah!
    yeah i've found economics to be really quite interesting since I've started it.. I'm not letting the fact that my entire year group is shell-shocked that I've dropped 3U english (considering I came 1st in english in year 10) deter me from getting into economics! i actually find it one of the most interesting out of all my subjects, and the irony is, I hadn't picked it up from the start! :p
    soo anyways, with you 15 units.. what do you plan on doing for year 12? keeping all 15? dropping some units? let me know how you do, it'd be interesting to see how it all pans out! good luck = )
    Hehe...:D A unique combination yesss:D
    i'm surprised you aren't even taking one science course ..not even one :eek:

    YAY economics
    your subjects nicely compliment each other :D namely economics and business (well according to my eco teacher) ....but i don't really like the business studies course :p

    that's good :D...just thought WOW this person is taking a very familiar subject selection. :)
    lol haha that's nice to know, lol.. i was almost thinking that noone else is doing the same subjects as me :p
    since I go to a selective school, there is an enormous emphasis on sciences and 3u maths etc.. so I have a very unique combination = )
    I was doing 3U english and psychology (1 unit) up until the other day, but then I decided I dont like the 3U english course, and while I would have had a great potential to perform extremely well in the subject, I just didn't feel I'd be that motivated to work towards good results in it - therefore, I dropped 3U english and psychology and have picked up economics to replace it! :D
    nice of you to comment on my subjects though, haha. i feel better now! :D
    hi swathard, =]
    I noticed you have a very similar subject selection to one of my close friends.

    My friend is doing:

    adv. english
    general maths
    business studies
    legal studies
    accounting (tafe)

    so only difference is the maths. =]

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