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  • "I hope this forum is still alive in 7 years so I can see what ive done since. "
    Well it's been 6 years, how are things going? :)
    Yeah, I'm trying to limit saturated fats, so i'm having a lot of tuna in olive oil, avocado and peanut butter. Eggs too, that's about the bulk of it for fats... excitingggggggggggg.
    yeah, I'm waiting 10 days until i carb-up to make sure i'm well into ketosis first.
    Yeah, i'm too 'into' this to even think about eating carbs at the moment, the self-control and dedication makes you feel better about feeling sluggish though. worth it.
    You posted that on your own wall, that's why I didn't reply.
    I feel like poo, 3 days of no carbs is crap, but I'm not giving up.
    Are you actually on the ckd diet?
    I think i'm gonna get sick of eggs and peanut butter pretty quickly.
    I said in my original post for the OP to look into Keto. IIRC shes not fat and wouldnt need to go on it for long so thats why itd be good for them. Plenty of teen girls can dedicate themselves to a particular diet. I know a few who stick their fingers down their throats for the sake of calorie control.
    Anyway I find it incredibly funny that you were calling me a "wrong" "dickhead" and now youre actually following that same advice.
    Good luck, race you to 9%.
    That diet makes more sense. But, she was obviously not looking for something like that- I doubt she is a body builder trying to get a single digit body fat percentage.
    I, however, am trying to get a single digit body fat percentage, so i'll give it a go and let you know how it works out.
    By sustainable I mean general diet/exercise guidelines that a 'normal' person can follow like a healthy balance of carbs, protein AND fat and somewhat regular exercise. That's all anyone needs to get/keep healthy. The CKD stuff is for more dedicated/intense exercisers if you get what I mean.
    telling someone something general like cut carbs and eat fat and protein like you did in the forum is going to send the wrong message because it is likely that they will not do the research and will do it wrong. That being said, I think this works if you have the dedication.
    You are mistaken on two points
    1. I do see results. Why? because I eat right and am constantly changing my workout program to keep up with my strengths and goals. people who diet and exercise and see no results deserve seeing no results because it means they are probably just going on the treadmill for 30 minutes a day which will do shit all.
    2. a diet that is low carbohydrate and high protein/fat is not healthy or sustainable. You need atleast 50%carbohydrates so your body/brain/organs can function, also there are many studies linking low carb diets with depression. ALSO, how is high protein and fat healthy- kindey damage, liver damage, heart damage. The point of nutrition and 'dieting' is finding something that is sustainable. high fat/protein and low carb is definitely not sustainable.
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