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  • LOL. No worries, I got a few extra marks tho =D
    Because I reasoned with her ^_^
    62/75. Although Jeremy will also find extra marks.
    First...but maybe not for long.
    If only I got the two multiple choice right, multiple choice hates me.

    English is still gay.
    I'm a BOS noob. Damn, I should go study biology, before Jeremy beats me. =[
    My god, I have to lift up my marks. =/
    English is still gay.
    thanks for the rep; infraction worthy stuff apparently; i feel like ive accomplished something today.
    my msn and facebook is goneee :O
    hahaha, finding friends on BOS? =P jks jks.
    omg. 3 periods of engrish tomorrow , oh joy. you missed out on getting your belonging essay back. meh. =-="
    I love Fruits Basket and Ouran - especially Kyo and Kyouya ^^

    Bahaha, nope. I love those series sooooooo cute. I wish more guys would like those shows. Try watching Special A and Skip beat, i think you'd like 'em :)
    I watch a whole bunch of different action anime series like the usual Bleach, Naruto, D-grayman, darker than black but lately i've gotten into romantic comedies such as special A and skip beat ^^

    Do you watch anything?
    Aha, well i edited it anyway.

    I wasn't paying much attention to be honest because i was anime all night rofl XD
    Tsk tsk. I was asleep at 11.50 after cramming for chem XD

    Gah i can't believe that the exam is in an hour... i don't feel prepared at all ><"

    BoS is sooo addictive lol
    Hehe, did you recognise me? Not that awkrawd, i get lots of randoms saying hi aha.

    Just put anything - you can change it later. DW you have plenty of time to decide :)

    Yeah, CSSA. I just had my chem prac exam today... i don't think i did too badly ^^
    We better get off BoS and study for tomorrow XD
    ill assume youve heard 'tell me' before then :p

    oh and i dont think you need to thank me, well maybe im just an asshole, i dont really thank people haha.
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