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Recent content by aya-chan

  1. aya-chan

    Presents for your significant other

    We were only a few days into our relationship when it was my boyfriend's 19th birthday. For his birthday, I bought him a cake and got all his friends down to the bar at uni and bought him a few drinks. It was pretty fun sharing the cake with everyone and just being able to chill and stuff. :)...
  2. aya-chan

    Elite Performers and Athletes UNSW Confirmation Email?

    When I applied last year, I applied for it on the 30th of November (which may have been the deadline, does that sound about right?), and I got the confirmation email on the 10th of December. :)
  3. aya-chan

    COMP1911 or 1917?

    Do COMP1917, it's funner.
  4. aya-chan

    UNSW Session 2 2011 results

    Right, fair enough. I think I'd really struggle to work that much with uni and stuff. Like, this semester I had 23 contact hours, 5 days a week. I'd have to work all weekend. Also I'm SO lazy. More income would be nice though. :(
  5. aya-chan

    Transfer to B Arts

    Follow your dreams, Shadowdude! :)
  6. aya-chan

    UNSW Session 2 2011 results

    Wow, how do you guys manage it? Those are amazing marks, especially to be working at the same time. How many contact hours do you have? / how many days a week of uni?
  7. aya-chan

    UNSW Session 2 2011 results

    It's not his fault I'm disappointed with them. Like, for one, I didn't even HD maths. I was only one mark below you, pre-finals, you know. 57's not completely horrible ... I mean, my boyfriend got 57 in a subject. But I think his WAM is still better than mine.
  8. aya-chan

    Dilemma about choosing 2nd major

    Nothing's guaranteed to be a "WAM killer". It just depends on how much work you put in, natural ability, etc.
  9. aya-chan

    UNSW Session 2 2011 results

    Hey, I often wear jeans and a spongebob jacket. We're similar! And I actually am somewhat disappointed with my marks, being completely honest.
  10. aya-chan

    One direction !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I'd never heard any of their songs before, until today when the beginning of "what makes you beautiful" was playing. And I thought it was "summer nights" from Grease. Then they started singing some song and I was disappointed. :( But then I listened to the song and it's the kind of happy upbeat...
  11. aya-chan

    UNSW Session 2 2011 results

    Maybe he's very specific about his clothing preferences? And so has like multiples of the exact same clothes. Btw, love discussing our 11s2 results.
  12. aya-chan

    UNSW Session 2 2011 results

    I like calling people rude. :( Anyway, do point him out though! I'd like to see ...
  13. aya-chan

    UNSW Session 2 2011 results

    Rude. Clearly not. It's like higher higher physics. Except Higher higher physics is a crappy course name. It's designed for physics majors and other assorted nerds.
  14. aya-chan

    Age Difference

    One of my friends (who, for the record is 18) graduated with me last year and is currently in Greece as part of her gap year. She is living with her boyfriend, who is 40 years old. I am genuinely worried for her. She has pictures of them together on facebook, so I don't think she's trolling me...
  15. aya-chan

    UNSW Subject Reviews.

    Reviewing courses that probably haven't been reviewed before, and also COMP1927, because I disagree with some previous reviews. COMP1917 - Computing 1 Ease: 8/10 I've never programmed before in my life, but I found it easy. It's all so logical, and everything just makes sense. I could easily...