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  • Sorry for the late reply. If that is your main goal, I suggest doing a combine degree at USYD because its internationally well-known. You may also aim to do honours and PhD if you're good enough and are interested.
    There's really no point in doing a B.Ed/B.Sc and THEN do a masters in teaching because its basically the same unit but compressed into 2 years (in fact i dont even think you're allowed to do a masters if you have completed the combined degree). What's the purpose of wanting to become a teacher? Do you want to teach in Australia for the large part of your career or do you want to teach overseas?
    hey im just new to the site , saw that we both do chem and since i need help with it , i add you :D
    its Maha btw
    It was. You're not seeing things. :p

    I just got it changed so people can't find me on social networks as easily.
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