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  • You will have to purchase it, but you can do everything with the 30 day trial anyway. The full version has all these extra features you won't really need anyway.
    Haha dude there was no need to be, was just chilling in there :). Yeah day was fun, good way to take my mind off uni work and meet bos people. Hope you enjoyed it too.
    Well I wanted to teach in poorer countries and maybe establish a school or such. So that is where I am heading :)
    A small object with a charge of 12uc. q = 1.2 * 10^-5 , whats the units for columbs
    Suffering from phys :S. I got 2 more questions. The number of field lines determine the magnitude of strength of electric fields, why is this? and also why is the positive plate the high potential plate?

    Whats the difference between E = F/q and E = v/q, im slightly confused. In the textbook it says, "The magnitude, or intensity of an electric feild is determined by finding the force acting on a unit charge placed at one point. E = F/q . The magnitude of the electric field is given by: E = v/q."

    Hey I lost a mark in my physics test , the question was 'What was the purpose of the Michelson-Morley experiment and i said something about measuring the velocity of the Earth. Do you think i should have received a mark?
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