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  • Lollies..

    You interested in the prices they sell and all that? Cause you could probably give me some pointers for my parents to use at our local Woolies.
    Woolies? Come on, you only came here for Woolies?? Gah...

    And hey, you live in Perth. Wow, far from most of the people here. Funny, I've never actually travelled to Perth. I guess it's just too far.
    Sorry for the late reply again.

    Yeah, I think it did... Oh well, I guess I'll never be able to see it again.
    So yeah, in your 2nd year already? I guess 2 years fly by quickly... Just wondering, what school did you go?
    Sorry for the late reply.

    I think yeah, I think it was one of those stuff...
    Why would you agree on it? I mean, it was a worthless post, Lols...

    One question: You finished HSC yet? Or you Yr 12 this year?
    Haha, well - me: I work lots, I work hard/dont cut corners/get the job done and impossible for me to be rude to people (so im nice to absolutely everyone) :p
    Thanks for rep :p - Well you know, cough cough, my Woolworths exchange program could work? hahah.
    hahah you might be right. She said to me at dinner 'are you looking forward tomorrow? I am, we'll show them what we're made of and run the shit out of that place' I was like lol. She's just really uptight about being tidy, efficient (e.g serving customers ASAP and calling express alerts early) and always checks to see if tea breaks are up to date and the grids. Our other SSM pretty much spends all day up stairs. Mum is always on the floor doing something, and always finds something to get up someone about. lol.

    But yeah, it might be ok. I'll tell you how it goes.
    Thanks for the rep! Yes the liberal arts education over there is pretty incredible aye? If you really want though - there are alot of transfer or semester exchange opportunities! I believe USyd has an arrangement with Harvard for example. Wishing you the best of luck and success for 2010!
    Hehe thanks for the rep :)

    I didn't have a choice but to correct him - i couldn't let an idiot like that confuse others :)

    I'll rep you when i can ^_^
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