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  • That's OK i've cleaned up after crying everywhere. I HAVE TO GO TO BED. It's 11.41 here and i have to be up at 6.30.
    I'm dissolving our partnership lol.

    Hope he is holding up ok. Even though I have never met or spoken to him. I imagine it's not a nice thing to go through.
    Hey Jess =D
    Just some personal stuff that I should have been more careful with, someone pretended to be my girl friend, and with the matter being quite sensitive it really was not funny. And I know it was someone from BoS.
    Well we had dugites around the backgarden. One managed to get around to the front of the house while it was trying to go into the garage. Dad kept trying to brush it away from the house but it kept coming back to try and get in, it eventually died under the broom and just went lifeless with sand in its mouth. I am guessing it was dehydrated and it was going towards houses.

    The other one was under the plantpot and eventually we managed to trap it in an esky and we went to release it back into the wild ages away from the house. We think theres more in the backgarden so we are just keeping the doors closed and not letting the dogs out.

    Its probably this massive heat wave/extended summer which is causing them all to die out.
    aww that sucks. Why are SSM's all the same? They're so gayy!!

    Lol, Wixxy made a facebook for me..now I have to try and figure out how to use it..
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