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  • Yeahh :)

    I know hes cute he did 05-1730 today, he gave me a hug before he left, and when it was quiet he hung around my register and talk to me. He was at lunch when I started.
    aww :( that sucks, i'm asking my csm for more shifts on it, plus I was talking to Aaron tonight and hes like, "Yeah workin tomorro :( but i'll get to see you :) maybe maccas? lunch??" i was like yeah maybee haha
    woooohoo :) thats good! Yeah I love self serve! think the longest I have been on it is about 3 hours :) and was doing a 4 hour shift. I am going to tell my main boss I can do during the day shifts on self serve either on sat or sun say 13:00-19:00 or something along those lines! shifts seem to go faster on self-serve I reckon
    Yeah same my ones r usually lazy ass pricks and some weeks they aren't that lazy all depends, yeah sameo I need to book my schoolies flights aswell my weekend soon in the city

    Ohh of course =p
    I'm doing 12:30-4:30 saturday and btw thanks to shitworths i have no life next week
    MON: 14:00-18:00
    WED: 12:00-18:00
    SAT: 07:30-15:30
    SUN: 08:30-16:30
    WOO for payday but grr for taking my holidays away!
    Haii there
    I'm working sunday 2-6 and saturday idk forget! haha
    Hopefully i'm either on ss or self serve ay, and that bitch of a 'supervisor' isn't supervisor or she is deciding to be nice to me =p

    what time tomorrow yu doing?
    Hey lovely
    hows school? how long till yur on holidays
    work treating yu alright? Im working tomorrow and sat/ sun forget my sat shift...whoops
    not too keen on tomorrow eugh
    Nah, I replied both messages to one of yours, cuz it wouldn't fit, but the secont took AGES to get through >__<

    :p *is immagining Alex as a puppy dog* hahahaha
    I want one!
    I always thought of him more as a teddy bear ^___^

    yeah, the poor guy was terrified, when we hugged him, he thought I was gonna kill him lol

    ^___^ I guess my lack of sexing Alex up saves the day! :p

    Oh so witty! :p
    How did I know you'd come up with that?

    XD don't wanna get on THAT list.
    ANywaYz, tiem for beddy-biez 4 me! :D

    Au Revoire!
    Hasta lluego!
    Hasta la Vista!
    Tzaichien! (yeah... I have NO idea how to spell in Mandarin... I went for phonetically, despite that I KNOW it's wrong)
    Chao Ba
    Auf Wiedershen (Same goes here, but I think it's closer)
    Aloha (yeah, that's goodbye as well :D)
    Zay Gesunt
    and cya :D
    Nerrrr! BUZZ KILLAH!
    I feel like woody!

    O__O No... that's not how it works!
    Don't you know anything?
    I have to DENY him sex, untill it's fixed!
    or it will never get done!

    Yay for creepy Fag Hag Stalkishness!
    ^__^ As much as I hate to admit it, it's sorta true,
    He's adorable when he's all missey and demanding :p

    Hahahaha nah, I think he can be fairly confident that I'm not going to be leaving him for a girl :p
    I stole her stockings and skirt and danced around in the Museum of Contemporary Art :D
    eventually got kicked out, because the security guard thought I was being serious when I grabbed her and slammed her against a wall and started yelling at her and the guy she was talking to, claiming that she was sleeping around, hahahaha the guy was sooooo terrified of me, I was all like "What the fuck are you doing you sly cunt, get your paws of my girl before I detesticulate you, you fucking cum-rag" in a cockney accent then I pretended to slap Julia, and dragged her out to the lobby by her shirt XD eventually, we found the guy and gave him a sandwhich hug and told him we were joking, and that we were sorry lol. It was such a mean thing to do, but Oh, so funny :p
    :p My school is already finnished!
    Hellz to the double yeah! XD

    That's alright love, it's loading slow for me too >___<
    Alex is a mod, he should be able to magically make it all better!
    *shakes fist*

    You have no idea how true that is XD
    O__o Alex = Ebil!

    awwwww, he such a sweetheart sometimes, though.

    How are you?

    My weekend was great!
    I spent most of it, Nakey-hugging my best friend,
    and pretending to be an abusive English boyfriend in crowds to freak people out :D

    O__o Alex = Ebil!

    awwwww, he such a sweetheart sometimes, though.

    How are you?

    My weekend was great!
    I spent most of it, Nakey-hugging my best friend,
    and pretending to be an abusive English boyfriend in crowds to freak people out :D

    O_O I'm offended, you thought I would leave without saying goodnight?
    Pah. What kind of a man do you take me for.
    I was sidetracked by the prettiness of portal two and Assassins Creed 3,
    but I have not forsaken you!

    So cease and desist that sad dance and join me in an apology hug!
    for I had no intention of hurting your feelings, and I'm sorry.

    But, I must grab some sleep now :[
    Athletics carnival tomorrow >__<
    But half the time (well... almost... >. >)
    It really is just plain old innocent sneaky sneaky!

    Hahahaha you're welcome :p
    *sings along*
    Alex's mum has got it goin' on!
    she's all I've ever wanted,
    I've waited for so long!
    Alex can't you see,
    you're just not the boy for me. (O__O NEVAR!!!)
    I know it could be wrong,
    but I'm in love with Alex's mum! :p

    Go on, impress me :p

    ICK! Facebook!
    your MUM is a facebook!
    OH DAMN!
    because everyone who's noone has had his face put down there and left his mark! :p
    XD I think I just made the greatest ripp ever...
    She's Scaaawwwwwyyyy...
    She doesn't like me because of all the sneaky, sneaky up to Alex's room late at night >___<

    O.O Pics or gtfo.
    O__O *wonders what kind of kinky, kinky sex feats bring upon the crime scene investigation units*

    o_O I shall keep this in mind!
    Changing rooms FTW!
    My mother is wonderful! she loves meeee. Though, Jake is right to be terrified, she is a force to be reckoned with.
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