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  • yeh im not trained and never been on it for more than literally 2 minutes haha but i would like shifts on it but i dont think i will coz csm has a fair few people trained and stuff..
    ahh god! today it was soooo busy! hahah it was just crazyyyy! lol i was like zomg fuck this! let me go home nowww! hahaa
    YAY for exams being overrrrr! haha not too far now..
    ZOMG! guess what!?! :D i got to watch selfserve last night for 10 minutes while the girl was on her break :D :D i loved it!! haha i figured it out for myself mostly lol it was good and it was during a really busy time too :)
    :O luckkkkkkyy! schoolies and weekend in the city sounds like fun! :)
    ahhh payday today! :) the week after next will be a good payday! i usaully get like at least 25 hours a week in the hollies.. i get tired but payyday is oh so worth it :p lol
    dont worry, i havent checked next weeks roster because managers are freakin lazy assss and it doesnt come out till like thursday. but not looking foward to seeing it -_- i can just about guarantee you mine will be worse than yours.. they like to exploit me as much as possible in the holidays :( but oh well.. pay day makes it worth it, and gets me through to the next holidays with the boost in my savings haha. :p
    i hope i have a close sometime in the holidays but i doubt it :( i loved the close i did last week
    haha fair. i work 11-6 both days i think :/ the last 3 hours of both will make me want to kill myself lol the supervisor that on weekend closes is a COMPLETE cow and has had her priveledges revokes many times but keeps getting them back GRRR everyone hates her including 2ic and other supervisors and operators coz shes such a cow.

    lol dont you just love bitchy supervisors?! nottt. haha
    hey pretty ladyyyy!
    yayy! cant wait for holidays! :)
    umm work is alright.. csm is a bi-polar bitch but thats nothing new :p lol
    yeh i work wednesday saturday sunday :)
    what time you work sunday?
    haha yeh we were quiet in the morning with a fair few busy busy patches. but i got LOTS of jobs and things to do :D yayyyy! lol.
    oh ok. we shall chat tonight :) what time will you be on? and i will try my best!!
    hey :) umm i was!! lol but right now i feel extremely dizzy.. but looking foward to next tuesday night when my pay goes in from yesterday!! 9 hour shift (8 hours pay) at double time and a half! hell yeah! lol. how many hours did you do? i did 7-4 and by 3.30 i was ready to curl up and die but i did trolleys instead hahaha.
    Dale & Dwight are going to youth friday and if Nathan starts they going to handle him and Jessleen and me going to deal with that Slurry :)
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