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  • Hi. If you're online by then, the BoS Fags are having a meetup on the 17th of April (this Saturday) at 2 Pm by the QVB, Near the statue and the dog fountain. If you don't know any of us personally, wear a red T-shirt, so we can spot you out easier. Hope you can make it :]
    I'm sorry, but you had to be there. It was an epic afternoon, hence the rep spreading to make everyone feel better.

    Hahaha Thank you, I'm glad you approve.
    Though according to your 'about me' section you hate books?
    No offence taken :]
    I should have checked your location before I left that comment.
    Sorry :]

    Well, atm, it seems like we've got 4 confirmed and 2 or three more saying they will maybe come.
    I think we're all meeting up outside the QVB and wandering up towards Oxford St for drinks.
    We'll probably head to a park or something after that, cuz we have some onderage kids comming that probably won't get into stonewall or anything like that since they stepped up their security... Idk, should be fun :]
    fuck yes, your a convert. I buy falafel from the woolies and make my own, my own are always better. i put a fuckload of houmus on, and tabouli and the key ingredient, tomato sauce. veg bliss.
    i dont quite know where i will be going for schoolies in nz, but pretty much every where :) so prolly otago
    Sex with me is a rather disturbing experience. Your dream was quite accurate.

    Haha. That's two dreams you've had that I've been in - maybe you're a little in too deep. ;)
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