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Recent content by baktiar77

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    Should I Move Schools???

    Honestly, it's really tough to give an answer as moving schools seems like it would be big pain for yourself and your family. It sounds like your rural, so make sure to make the most out of rural bonus points and scholarships from the unis. Have mates from Coffs and Dubbo whose schools were <300...
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    Engineering first year uni work examples?

    Hey, really late response, but might as well for any lurkers. For first year, it's really important you focus on comp(especially if you're doing comp1511, which goes really fast and you may struggle to keep up if you know jack shit) and a couple of maths subjects (totally learn 3u...
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    Computer Science at UNSW or USYD or UTS?!

    Apparently USYD has been making some changes to their CS degree, but still it's miles behind UNSW. I can't speak for UTS, but I was under the impression that they didn't offer a rigorous, accredited Comp Sci program (and if they did last year was the first year). Sure it might be a bit of trek...
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    UNSW chit chat thread

    Re: UNSW chit chat thread 2017 How hard is Chem1031? Will I be DOA if I havent done HSC nor Prelim Chemistry at all? (rip last minute change from PSYCH 1A, since its useless af course). I would have done Chem1011 instead, but all the labs are on Thursday and Friday which don't suit my work...
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    Oh yeah that is a bit of an issue, however most tutorials are very lenient and start 5 mins late (and usually finish 5 mins early). Sure being constantly late may be annoying, but if you explain it to your tutor on the first week or so and let them know, they're usually very understanding (well...
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    Which degree would be better???

    IMO Construction Management is pretty useless, essentially a glorified Business degree with a few sprinkles of building and OHS. Do Civil at UNSW and in your final year where you can choose a thesis/project, choose the relevant construction management courses. And lastly, avoid Engineering...
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    UNSW law helppp

    Save a year and do Arts with Politics and International Relations being your major. It's pretty much the same thing. Spend that extra year interning/working etc.
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    Optometry or Commerce

    Can't really compare them as they're two distinct fields and I guess depends on your interests/passion. Commerce is arguably more flexible with there being a multitude of different fields you could major in and work with, but you're gonna have to work really hard on networking etc. Optom is...
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    I've only had one 9-5 day with an hour break and I do admit it is pretty gruelling at the start, but after you get used to skipping lectures and realising you don't have to come to uni for another 2 days, it is worth it.
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    Back to back classes

    You'll be fine fam. Only avoid sticking tuts which are halfway across the uni (rip me walking from maths red centre building to samuels biomed building) cause that's where attendance matters and some tutors can be a dick and mark you absent if you arrive 15mins (OR EARLIER) or so late.
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    Do I need to have done HSC Biology to do BABS1201 at UNSW?

    It certainly helps but isn't necessary. Also bio isn't like chem/physics. The latter have more application questions rather than rote-learning content.
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    UNSW vs. UTS Biotechnology

    Am sort of biased but UNSW. I don't really know anyone doing biotech but have a couple of mates doing medical science, medicinal chem etc. and another two who transferred from Uts&macquaire science subjects, and they say UNSW resources are great and better than whatever they had UTS/Macq. Also...
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    Help guys! Stay at UNSW Eco or transfer

    Try to IPT and stay in UNSW. They aren't exactly that strict with 65 all the time. I know it's too late now, but just do the commerce units that you want to in sem1, and transfer. More than likely if you're dropping the eco component of your degree, that most of courses won't count other than...
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    Girls in Engineering

    Nah they don't exist. Only in your imagination mate. I think you should stay friends with your left hand, it's for the best.
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    transferring from comm/law to actt/comm

    Go through UAC first. As you mentioned you have a good ATAr, and stand a good chance of getting accepted as part of next year's intake. One of my friend's who transferred SEM1, said they only looked at his ATAR (then again he got 99+ so lel). However I do believe they might have a look at your...