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  • " You and I have a rendezvous with destiny. We will preserve for our children this, the last best hope of man on Earth, or we will sentence them to take the last step into a thousand years of darkness. We will keep in mind and remember that Barry Goldwater has faith in us. He has faith that you and I have the ability and the dignity and the right to make our own decisions and determine our own destiny."
    haha they sounded funny. i think because on the radio you seem to have a kind of nervous excitement in your voice compared to here.

    do this (from a ronald raegan speech lol)

    The martyrs of history were not fools, and our honored dead who gave their lives to stop the advance of the Nazis didn't die in vain. Where, then, is the road to peace? Well, it's a simple answer after all. You and I have the courage to say to our enemies, "There is a price we will not pay." There is a point beyond which they must not advance. This is the meaning in the phrase of Barry Goldwater's "peace through strength." Winston Churchill said that "the destiny of man is not measured by material computation. When great forces are on the move in the world, we learn we are spirits — not animals." And he said, "There is something going on in time and space, and beyond time and space, which, whether we like it or not, spells duty." (cont.)
    some of them want to use you
    some of them want to get used by youuuuuuu

    glorious eurythmics
    how have you been?

    whens your radio show, i havent listened since like june or something
    =) That was good!

    Btw, I know I promised i'd link you to some music but I can't remember if it was just S3rl or anything else I mentioned haha.
    Nah the last two are in the exam. they basically gave us the questions so yeah:

    What do countries of Asia have in common? What are Pan-Asian phenomena? Between countries or areas, what similarities are there in terms of things, ideas, philosophies or systems? How have the above manifested differently in each place?
    ~1000 words

    as the general question and

    How did China's political, religious and ideological systems allow for both continuity and change?

    ~1000 words

    as the country specific one. i don't think i'll have time to conjure up an essay draft, but i have like 4 pages of factoid notes and i'm gonna make essay plans today hopefully
    also about the essay - thanks so much for looking at it. i think the main thing i need to concentrate on is making an actual argument (point) after presenting evidence.

    i got 70/100 for it just so you know. yep. i need like 78-79 ish in the final (2 essays) to average out a D which is what I'm aiming for...
    I really wasnt offended at that stuff. It just grinds my gears that you made a claim on an issue which I couldnt defend myself on (and the issue itself irritates me to a great degree).
    Hey hey, seeing as you're a smarticle and academic analyser of thangs, is there any chance you could take a squiz at my thesis proposal tomoz or Sunday when I've got more of it (ideally all of it) done / sounding better than it is now? If you're busy with uni/lyf shit I completely understand etc <3
    It really is, the past like 2 weeks has just been "must spread to rep" but I cbf spreading any more cos I don't bos like I used to.

    But yeah, labor on the whole aren't doing a whole lot (good or bad - though I'd probably argue most of what they are doing is towards the bad side), but regardless, if liberal get in they'll be eager to do a lot and make sweeping changes and something tells me they'll very unlikely be good ones. Or my logic is wrong, either way.
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