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  • life hasnt been the same without my ears being tantalised by your angelic voice and that lovely wiggles dubstep
    Thursday would probably be best then. (I can do those uni things on any day really so that's not a problem; I just hate waking up early :p)
    Awesome, is wednesday alright then? I should be done with everything by midday, so we could meet near campus around 1 - 2 (or whatever works for you, I'm not too fussed about the time)
    Oh no, it's absolutely amazing; I haven't felt this sane in months. The symptoms started improving around the start of December and it's mostly been getting better since. Being able to get out and move around without problems has definitely made everything a lot more tolerable. I still can't lift heavy things but walking/running isn't a problem (which is all I really needed anyway).

    Awesome, and I want to hear them :). Do you want to get lunch again some time soon? I'm going to have to fix some issues with my course so I'll probably be in the city a few times next week.
    Nothing that important lately. My headaches mostly stopped, and I can run again (and swim a bit) without too much trouble. Now I'm mostly just reading/watching shows and trying to find a job for next semester. How was your trip?
    Hey, replied above but I just realized it wasn't in the same conversation so you probably wouldn't have gotten a notification.
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