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  • Hello,

    Thanks for accepting the add; I'm new to Bored of Studies, so you know, I'm just being cool by adding random people ... :) How was your day?
    Hey thereee :)

    Yes, the ones I listed are quite pop-ish. I don't know a lot of JRock bands, but I love lots of Jpop.

    I love those anime's! Death Note being my favourite.
    The only Jrock that I listen to nowadays is "Alice Nine" and "Alumina"

    I have played:
    - Dota (Warcraft III)
    - Perfect World
    - Flyff

    I found that I could not stick to any particular mmorpg for more than a month.
    Don't really play any games these days, because School Cert. ruined my gaming life.
    I'm still kind of hooked on Restaurant City on fB though, lol xD

    If you have any good MMO's, TELL ME! ;D

    Have you gotten up to the ESPADA ark in Bleach yet?
    I have fallen in love with Ikimono Gakari :)

    I only really listen to Ikimono Gakari, UVERworld and BigBang.

    Haha, I'm glad you asked!
    What anime's do you watch? Which was your first?
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