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  • No, hahaha - I'm managing really well actually. I'm not stressed about the Maths and MX1 HSC at all this year... I'm ready and will do some more past papers soon. I have room to improve of course.
    "enjoy the lack of need to study whilst it lasts "

    I wish, god damn school exams take priority.
    Hey, I don't have much difficulty as to say but I always seek to improve in this subject =)

    Are you good at Biology?
    because my holidays are always boring :(
    i dont even get to see my friends...i love school! :)
    i'm okay now, it was nothing to worry about.

    holidays i'm going to be seeing a movie or two with friends.
    i have to make this website for a company in the holidays too.
    i have a tutorial class in the middle of the holidays at school! i get to see my teacher and classmates, dunno if that's a good thing or bad but anyway.
    just keeping up the work in the gym :)

    what bout you?
    hey, i've been good up until recently ...
    i got stabbed and i'm bleeding a little..
    it hurts a bit and i sort of get a funny sensation every now and again..
    and it's very uncomfortable for me to walk...
    i've been well, wbu?
    and yes, suprisingly, i have been keeping up with my school work, i dont know whats come over me but all of a sudden i've been freakishly motivated... hbu?
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