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    Common pitfalls to avoid when writing a discursive

    One feedback i used to get from my teacher was to stop being persuasive in a discursive. Its okay to have a strong opinion about something, but exploring the other side can always be more insightful to the reader.
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    Did you ever get a couple of bad marks in year 12 and end up graduating with a good ATAR?

    I had a friend who ranked third last in the grade for english after our first y12 english assessment. They ended up ranking 1st or 2nd by the end of trials. Smashed out a high band 6 as well.
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    Mod 4 q

    You need energy to break bonds, so the system will absorb energy (thus endothermic). You release energy when bonds are formed (because when bonds form they have lower energy) thus exothermic.
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    Mindblank - can someone explain how to do

    Ill start it off for you,
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    how do i revise science

    Do practise questions. Maybe relevant past HSC questions, past papers, etc.
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    Improving in the UCAT

    Yes I do too. Trying out for med again this year, couldnt do the ucat last year unfortunately. Try and practice constantly, 10 to 15mins everyday and ramp it up a month before UCAT. Ive been keeping track of my scores in an excel spread sheet and everytime i do a mock test or something, ill put...
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    For polarity... (MOD 7)

    Given the molecule is symmetrical, I believe so. The net vector will be in the direction of the more electronegative element in a linear molecule for example.
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    pls help

    Lmk if it doesnt make sense. Also have a play around with desmos, it will help you see it.
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    Going from here

    Given your subjects, I would start doing past papers as soon as possible. I started doing past papers for MX2 and MX1 around this time (i had finished the whole course by reading ahead in the Cambridge textbook). Try to be ahead of what is being taught in class for physics and chem so u can ask...
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    How many hours of study for 99+ ATAR?

    Think it depends. I know people used to tell me they used to do like 8+ hours everyday during holidays (esp before HSC and trials exams) but tbh do what is comfortable and manageable for you. I did like 3-4 hrs during weekdays (but not consistently, sometimes I was tired and did like 1hr)...
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    Trig yelp

    Here is an alternative way to do it :) Edit: the domain of x should b [0/pi/2]. Also, I have realised that this method is essentially what @Flise has done (their method is more concise as well!)
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    background knowledge for projectile motion?

    Just have to be fluent with differentiation and integration. Also having a good understanding of parabolas (eg. where turning points occur, line of symmetry, etc) can be useful. I think with math however, it is more important to understand the content and use most of your time doing practice...
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    anyone have prelim past papers???

    THSC might have a few
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    Question for Graduated Students

    I would honestly go. If this is something you would like to go to, then go because you will probably end up regretting it. I graduated from high school last year and while I did try to take as many extra curricular activities involving sport, leadership, and volunteering, I kinda regret...
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    atar estimate

    No reason you wont. I think right now you're sitting on low 90s? Max ATAR of 93 imo. But u defo need to work on your english, that will help you the most in terms of having greatest increase in ur atar. Goodluck :)