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  • lmao. The poor dog!

    So wats so gud about the hills? :p

    Yup, just up the road from Westfields...
    lol. Kwl.

    I have a puppy too :p

    Haha, random much... lol Whats so good about castle hill? *besides the fact ur there* ;) jks
    We went to see 'as you like it' ugh shakespeare :(

    Nice plan for the day. R u getting your carpets professionally done or something?
    Ahaha i wish i could XD
    Yeah, tis a bit too easy for my liking right now. But what's the bet i'll be eating my words soon enough? :p
    haha no. I will be doing professional corporate tax/accounting 'stuff'. lmao professional ay?

    They'll pay me pretty much most of uni fees etc and i'll have a job after uni :D Should be good. I hope i get accepted.

    *sigh* Im going to Cleveland theatre watch a stupid play for english :eek:

    Yu doing anything interesting?

    Deloitte. International ;)

    Yuv probly seen the building, theres one in Parramatta...near the library and 1 in the city too.
    Have yu heard of it?
    'study too hard' lol

    Im gunna apply for a cadetship at an international firm... soon.

    But no, for now, i dont work at all.

    Yes, unfortunatley, not long to go though... I started kinder late yu could say :eek:

    Although practically 18 :D Ur 22?
    Ohh... yeh thats right i think yu told me aggesss ago. lol Sorry.

    haha i though yu worked in a shop. lol

    Ohh thats okay i i take it you drive... green/red P's?
    Ohh really? lol :shy: I've probly seen yu b4.

    Hmm Kellyville to Parra...isnt that a fair hike for you?

    Which shop do yu work in?
    'thats hot as..' haha yu sound like such a guy :p

    Yeh me neither?

    In the Western Suburbs... wbu, which area is yur tafe?
    Me too... usually.

    But it was kinda 'urgent' :uhoh:

    lol. *sigh* im so tired... girls at school tire me out so much...I got into a massive fight with some fat bitch in my group today :mad: and just cause the bois saw us in an arguement and came across the road to us, she thinks i called them wtf??? Sooo stupid. lol they just stood there anyway. She full started crying at school and arguing wif me...then the teacher told us to go back to class and stfu. :( My day in a nutshell

    Also, random, but im 18 next week :party:
    i actually hate my dp...the only reason i kept it is cos my "wife" told me to :p....imma change it...
    lol :eek: Woops. Dead give away ye...but i was with a friend, so its not like i was the only girl.

    Ohh really? Thought yu were gunna say slut? :shy: Why thanks... yu seem like a Legend too. lol

    Any memories of your jigging days?
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