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  • Creative Arts/Commerce. The busy period is starting up soon, as all the performances being in a week for CA. :|

    What hardcore did you find?
    The latter is correct

    :( Im a fail. lmao BOS is a bad enough distraction :p

    I'll give yu that yahoo account, id doubt i can talk live much, but yeh i may be able to sometimes? Or else we can continue chatting via PMs on BOS?
    hehe, to be honest i dont do msn cause its a distraction...i deleted it, but i can give yu an email/chat thing if yu wanna send me an email *i doubt id ever be online to chat for long*

    ps: do yu have a pic on BOS somewhere?
    lol kwl. Nah trust me, she was...lmao always tries too. :mad: so annoying


    Yeh i havent had a proper bf...most ppl find it soo hard to believe though? *dunno whether thats a good thing or bad?* lol
    Ohh thats alrite. lol Use BOS to cheer yu up :p

    And thanks for the 'back up' if i may call it that in the 'make up sex' thread i think it was? Yu replied to x.christina's comment about my ever having a bf. :)

    lol. The thread has quite evolved, hehe.

    Hmm..i was gunna ask r u studying part/full time, but i dnt think it applies at tafe. Soo, how many days a week do yu go to tafe?
    Doing alright at the moment. Uni's getting pretty hectic at the moment. Just trying to keep up with everythink really.

    Hows life been treating you?
    Ohh kwl...The hills r percieved as a 'nice, green' area by most Parra siders.

    lol, haha the pub. Watabout the clubs? ;)

    Yeh pretty good thanks. I have a retreat for the next two days... we r going Mittagong on Friday, staying till 9.00-9.30pm. WOohoo fun? :uhoh: lol

    haha is wat big? Yeh yur right, i have no idea wat yu were referring to... hehe cute. :p

    How was yur day?
    You're making me upset T.T
    I actually have quite a hectic week this week... and i'm already a week behind on physics lol XD
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