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  • thanks for that. i find it hard to practice korean actually, i live in a korean community but im scared i may accidentally offend someone by slipping up informal phrases or something in from of strangers or when im buying/ordering something lol
    hm. you know when you greet and talk to people who are of the same age as you, do you still have to talk formally with them when you first meet them? or can you go straight into banmal?
    yes im asian lol. are you asian?

    because at the moment i have yet to become fluent in mandarin, and im still learning korean as well. i dont want too many languages left unlearned. i only know a few words in japanese. :)
    i actually gave up on it lol. for the time being anyway, it's not hard to learn. im just so lazy. my speaking is a lot better, if anything.:)
    Cos the manager hired some random korean guy recently. So idk cant guarantee you can get the job but i can put in a good word for you if you still wanted to drop your resume off. Its pretty boring, the job, boring and tedious and you cop alot of shit from faggot customers. I got heaps more stories man than last time when i offended the tightass filo LOL

    but yeah i swear uni is similar to an exam week, but goes for a whole semester. you meet alot of new peeps or is everyone anti social at mQauarie???
    yeah man. everything has to do with uni atm. trying to fit in socialising both which is really easy (sarcasm). and im working on sundays, sometimes friday cos i got the day off. what days do you have off? and are you still looking for a job?
    why are you ruining my thread for?
    it was all going so smoothly. by the 10th page i was estimating at least 2 green bars for being so active on the site ><
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