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  • Oh really? Cool yeah i'll send you my Resume and CV by early next week. Hahaha tell me about these people man must be fun every day lol.

    I met some people nah it's not anti social but but I think rather it's more that people are unwilling to let go of their high school cliques and friendship circles yet so things are slow in terms of getting to know people well enough. Also added the fact that I got fking the whole SMCC year in pretty much every lecture or tute of mine prevents me from mingling with other people. Haha it's ok so far. Wished I went to Sydney though :(
    Yeah man uni is hard work got assignments and tests coming my way but can't be fked for it. Damn son. Got only Thursday off and Tuesdays depending if I go to the lecture. Yep still looking for a job. Why got a spot?
    Mate it's called stop being a bitch lol jk.

    What's been happening? Fkin everyone is ditching the high school friendship for uni haha
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