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  • right, well I don't know what I did but your the one that had some rant on a random post of mine so I would say your the one thats trolling :)
    hmm cramming =I - gotta hate it. yeh thanks :) i'll think about it =] wow 2am? if u were studying u must be very dedicated.
    Well here's an example: In acidic, info about Davy/Arrhenius is not right (Cant remember which it was exactly)

    also what were you doing up at 4:33 am?
    Alright I guess... I need to go and get my assignment book out of the car so I can get the date and questions for the next assignment! I havn't done Philo in ages, to tell the truth.

    For my first assignment I got a Distinction which was good :)
    When I'm doing regular revision, sure it's okay... but I will use questions from my own books because they are not exactly the perfect HSC style + I want to get the best use out of these books that I've bought. When I use up these resources, I will then turn to HSC questions and by then I am doing full papers and order doesn't really matter. I don't want to focus one topic more than another, since they are all effectively equal in the exam.
    what did he do ? , he looks like a faker i know most of the fobs in mount druitt and ive never seen him around before. plus he delliberately over emphasises colloquial language so it's probably just some person impersonating him .
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