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  • I'm also tired too!
    and it's hot as well!
    and i too have a stack of homework !!

    Hi five :D
    it's the best ..i reckon =p
    and what course is that miss sunshine?
    i think i am starting to have second thoughts on my 'rushed' decision.

    Well my physics class has about 22 people and our biology class has about 20 people .. and chemistry about 12.

    No, not much work at all. Just bits of h/wrk for maths,legal,physics,chemistry and that's all.
    i'm glad you asked miss sunshine...
    i'm happy to report to you i have changed my subject selections..
    Biology to Economics :)
    The bio teacher we had was teaching from the Bio excel book ...(wasn't impressed) and the class size was 20 approx... lazy students...
    Economics was so much more interesting and i learnt alot more in that economics class i had on friday..:D

    what about you sunshine??
    Hey dux&src! I thought I would add you as a friend and drop by your page and say hi since we are always posting with each other :D.
    hey thanks for the add

    have you ever actually been to the tennis to see it live i went about 2 years ago to the medibank international and it was way better than tv - i dont rlly follow the tennis but i watch it occassionally
    well , duxy is cool.. so i'll stick with that for now:p

    soo shiny... is that your nickname?? like it ? :D
    Yes of course, i wouldn't miss it. yess that was hilarious.. "why u checking me out for ?' yea

    DUXY ??!!! Grrrrrr...
    yeah a PM .. replying soon
    yesss now 2 sets and a tie-break in the third set ..feeling nervous for SAFIN! lol.. mixed emotions.. want to see 5 sets..:(

    yeah fed does.. which is pretty amazing but i still wanna see 5 sets!!!
    because i like SAFIN too !
    yess that was funny!

    HAHA yess Nadal is weird.. he shows up late to the court ...

    Yess that match was close but to be honest i wanted to see Delic push Djokovic to five sets

    yesss Yeahh cool <3 twilight

    HP hmm would say the sixth! half blood prince!! was amazing!

    yesss i do!!

    pm me if u want to know what's in my avatar ...
    awww miss sunshine ...
    OH yess i know the JOnas brothers..---burning up, SOS, love bug

    OHHH demi lovato from "Camp Rock' :) that was a great movie..Lots of nice songs from it
    "here i am ".. "what it takes"

    So yess that makes 9/11 :D

    NOO wayyyy! you think i only like one song from each of these artists .. i like many of their songs:D
    especially Alicia Keys, Taylor Swift, Beyonce, Jordin Sparks,Celine Dion and The Jonas Brothers!!

    If you want to know what it is you have to PM me !
    HA.. You better make sure your dad knows how to tape it otherwise you;ll miss out..:(
    Yes, Nadal does... even the commentators notice:) how could you not notice?? Yes especially when this guy kicked his bottle over at a changeover.. LOL he went berserk (excuse the exaggeration) he just went to fix it back into position with a glance at his opponent. :)

    Yesss i wanted Delic to push Djokovic to a fifth set but Oh well :(
    it was great watching them play each other again!

    What , keep mentioning twilight ? where ? what have you been llooking at ?
    The harry potter series YAy! hi 5
    JUNE ! :D
    haha that's cool!

    yess i love jordin sparks-no air
    alicia keys-if i ain't got you
    JB who's that ?
    Taylor Swift .. ily <3 Love story
    Beyonce - If i were a boy
    michael buble (yes you spelt it correctly)
    demi lovato haha from australian idol ?? i believe
    celine dion YESSSS - a new day has come
    john mayer YESS -waiting on the world to change

    I know 9/11 of those people..
    yay! hi five

    yess i loved the twilight movie (*teardrops*)
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