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  • Yes of course, i wouldn't miss it. yess that was hilarious.. "why u checking me out for ?' yea

    DUXY ??!!! Grrrrrr...
    yeah a PM .. replying soon
    yesss now 2 sets and a tie-break in the third set ..feeling nervous for SAFIN! lol.. mixed emotions.. want to see 5 sets..:(

    yeah fed does.. which is pretty amazing but i still wanna see 5 sets!!!
    because i like SAFIN too !
    yess that was funny!

    HAHA yess Nadal is weird.. he shows up late to the court ...

    Yess that match was close but to be honest i wanted to see Delic push Djokovic to five sets

    yesss Yeahh cool <3 twilight

    HP hmm would say the sixth! half blood prince!! was amazing!

    yesss i do!!

    pm me if u want to know what's in my avatar ...
    awww miss sunshine ...
    OH yess i know the JOnas brothers..---burning up, SOS, love bug

    OHHH demi lovato from "Camp Rock' :) that was a great movie..Lots of nice songs from it
    "here i am ".. "what it takes"

    So yess that makes 9/11 :D

    NOO wayyyy! you think i only like one song from each of these artists .. i like many of their songs:D
    especially Alicia Keys, Taylor Swift, Beyonce, Jordin Sparks,Celine Dion and The Jonas Brothers!!

    If you want to know what it is you have to PM me !
    HA.. You better make sure your dad knows how to tape it otherwise you;ll miss out..:(
    Yes, Nadal does... even the commentators notice:) how could you not notice?? Yes especially when this guy kicked his bottle over at a changeover.. LOL he went berserk (excuse the exaggeration) he just went to fix it back into position with a glance at his opponent. :)

    Yesss i wanted Delic to push Djokovic to a fifth set but Oh well :(
    it was great watching them play each other again!

    What , keep mentioning twilight ? where ? what have you been llooking at ?
    The harry potter series YAy! hi 5
    JUNE ! :D
    haha that's cool!

    yess i love jordin sparks-no air
    alicia keys-if i ain't got you
    JB who's that ?
    Taylor Swift .. ily <3 Love story
    Beyonce - If i were a boy
    michael buble (yes you spelt it correctly)
    demi lovato haha from australian idol ?? i believe
    celine dion YESSSS - a new day has come
    john mayer YESS -waiting on the world to change

    I know 9/11 of those people..
    yay! hi five

    yess i loved the twilight movie (*teardrops*)
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