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  • No, I'm a little older than her, but she's in the same category as my best friends sister at Eisteddfods (my friend's sister isn't very good though bless) and I saw her interviewed in art shine a month or so ago :)
    I hate the totalitarian question, I find it extremely difficult. I would love it to be the political, economic and social issues question but that was the Catholic Trial and the Independent Trial question - can they make it the HSC question still? Do you have an advice, seeing that modern is on tuesday, on how to remember so much information and be prepared to answer any question??? I definetly will let you know my results - fingers crossed they are results I will be proud of !
    Thats fine! I am so greatful for your help because my marks have gone up by around 20% ! Can I ask what your predictions for Germany and Conflict in Indochina are this year?
    Well I did quite well in my trials so I'm feeling reasonably confident in my essay writing ability but our teacher hasn't really taught us much about Nazism (anything past Weimar) and Conflict in Indochina is also very new to me so I am kind of nervous for that
    Quick question - if the personality question asks for THREE events in Albert Speer's life. Which three should I choose:
    Early Work for Nazis? First Architect of the Reich? Germania? Armaments and Munitions?
    Hey enoilgram,

    Just wondering what are your predicitions for the modern history 2014 hsc exam? Specifically for Germany, Albert Speer and Conflict in Europe. Im asking because I remember seeing you predict a 2013 germany question in a thread this time last year (the great depression one).

    Also thanks for answering my pms throughout the year on help for modern! Your replies have been very helpful!
    Have you got any notes (or link me) to any notes for related texts for belonging??? Im thinking of picking the Breakfast Club but im still open to other options that is easy to write for !! Thanks so much :) :)
    also if you wont be able to quickly look over my essay could you please let me know, sorry to be a bother!!
    hey enoilgram! if you have time would you please look at your inbox as i have a few questions regrading my essay i have done for an assessment on monday.

    Thanks alot!!
    Hello enoilgam, long time no see :). Could you please check your inbox and reply to my PM when you have some free time?
    Cool thanks. Do you know of any good graduate programs in regards to accounting? Also what's a good career in business/accounting that is well paid?
    Hi, Im an accounting cadet. What do you think are good grades to maintain whilst at uni and doing full time work? And how do you personally manage your study throughout the week? Any tips? Thanks!
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