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  • Hi enoilgam

    I was reading some of the forums on subject selections and came across an answer you had submitted. Soon I will have to select my subjects and I wanted to ask you about my possible choices because I saw on your signature that you had chosen similar subjects to the ones that I really want to consider for next year.

    These are the subjects I was considering (13 units for yr 11)

    - Advanced English
    - Ext 1 Maths
    - Economics
    - Legal Studies
    - modern history
    -- 2 unit religion (1 unit compulsory- catholic school)
    I was planning to take on these subjects for year 11 and then drop either economics, legal or modern history or if the workload is okay then I will drop 1 unit of religion. The reason I am planning on doing 2 units is that if I drop e,l or mh then I will at least have 11 units for year 12 then risk 10. English is not my best subject (marks ranging from 14-17/20) so I was also asking (from your experience) if the workload is manageable as some of the more solid subjects above I've heard involve a lot of work and can be difficult. Yes I am diligent with my studies and I know that all subjects involve a lot of hard work and effort and I'm prepared to take on that; I just don't want to get too overwhelmed with the workload before year 12.

    I hope to hear from you soon :)

    HI, just need some help with a modern history Germany question.
    I looked at the 2008 Germany q : Account for the successes and failures of democracy in Germany in the period 1918 to 1933 (but for my school exam we are only being examined up to 1919 so i need only to 1929.

    i want to know how to answer this, i looked at the marking notes but its confusing.

    so how exactly would you answer this question? for the success paragraph would you just talk about the stressman era? and then for the failures paragraphs talk about flaws in constitution, hitlers/nazi party rise, social political issues, Treaty of Versailles?

    and what would you say in intro and conclusion? would it be something just like the a variety of factors contributed to the success and failure of democracy in germany. the stressman era contributed to the sucess while other factors such as constitutional issues.. etc

    thanks in advance would be extremely grateful for any help
    You probs won't check your PM so I'll put it here.

    We're having breakfast at parra before the seminar at 9am. You have carrot's number or something?
    Hello enoilgam, I was simply wondering, if you have a moment to spare, could you perhaps glance over an economics case study essay for me please? :)
    That's true. Sorry, my memory is failing me haha

    Good seeing you too! Thought you were just causally jogging around the area
    Indeed I am. Was hoping to have another year until eligibility but it can't be helped.

    Next year is my practice run so I just want to get a good score right off the bat and work on my interpersonal skills. If it doesn't work out, there's always 2015 and if that doesn't work out, Honours year + GAMSAT here I come!
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