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  • Wait. What are we doing at Parramatta Library, and what are we doing at your house? haha.
    Alright then.

    Where do I take the bus from specifically? What is the bus number? What street/stop do to inform the driver of? Time?
    I know exactly what you mean in your first comment.

    I apologise but I have never heard of that suburb!
    Sweet. Is there a pass mark? Is the studentys performance rated based only on the score he/she attains? :)
    Yes, I will be having the same teacher. But I have confidence in myself :)

    I am free on those days. Are these exam-style questions?
    Physics was my weakest subject in year 11, my teacher was not great, I had taught myself the entire course. Thus I ended up with only a rank of 4/35. I assume that I will need to revise Moving About and Electricity in the Home. This past week I have been studying the first topic of Biology, as well as 3U maths. I have only slightly touched the HSC physics course, but resume teaching myself the first topic next term.

    I live in Strathfield. :)
    I am aiming for at least a 95+, perhaps even a state ranking. Although I am slightly confused, what will your interview questions be concerned with - the preliminary concepts, or the general structure of responses provided several stimuli?
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