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  • hey fizzycyst, i have a astrophysics assessment coming up! do you know where i can find astro questions apart from hsc one?

    thankyou :D
    hey fizzycyst, i have a astrophysics assessment coming up! do you know where i can find astro questions apart from hsc one?

    thankyou :D
    Sup ;D
    Was wondering if you'd consider selling me your resources (such as notes, homework, quizzes etc.)? I'd like to individually challenge myself during the HSC year - so tutoring and mentoring aren't really my thing (even though your tutoring sounds extremely helpful :haha: )

    So yeah, if you could get back to me and work something out that would be great!
    Yeah sounds good! I'll keep that in mind. Do you have any tips as far as the physics exam goes? I came across one post of yours in which you mention the need to show the angle and speed as well for say velocity in projectile motion. Even at tutor, this concept was nagged into be repetitively but as far as past paper marking guidelines and such are concerned, i havent seen any major issue with not having the angle shown? Do you think it's necessary?
    Yeah sweet! I think i should be prepared for that if it were to occur! But as far as the brags experiment is concerned, is it important we understand and study the mathematical approach to how scattering occurs in the lattice or is the theory aspect of how and what he did enough to suffice the syllabus. Because frankly, my tutor provided me with some indepth information regarding the mathematical approach to the experiment. But suprisingly my teacher at school hasnt even addressed the dot point to say the least, as far as i know!

    Hey Fizzy I came across some of your brilliant threads on physics and i was wondering what are your predictions on the high order questions possible in this years exam.

    I was thinking perhaps a section from Motors and Generators regarding the uses/benefits/costs of AC Induction Motors etc or something along those lines?
    Or perhaps even something regarding Hertz's experiments and how they contributed to the understanding of EM Radiation in general and supported Maxwell.

    Keen to hear your thoughts,


    Q6. Yeah, I didn't realise that the magnetic field strength changes at different parts of oval, I guess that makes sense but it wasn't as obvious as most questions that are usually asked.
    Q7. I guess that's fair enough, I just felt that A would've been quite the acceptable answer but I suppose you're right, C is probably the best answer.
    Q8. Yeah, that makes sense, I was thinking of an AC universal motor which the magnetic field would change (and make the motor act like a DC one) but yeah, that would apply to an induction motor.
    Q11. yep, I see it now!

    Thanks a lot :)

    Also, PHS=penrith high
    Hey Fizz, I was looking at Exam Choice 2012 and well, there's a few MC questions that were a bit doubtful.

    Q6. A is the correct answer but isn't magnetic field strength the same, regardless of area? Making D the correct answer?
    Q7. C is the correct answer but aren't most devices running on DC? Making it more difficult has everything needs to be rectified. I thought A was more correct, even though it's not exactly more efficient unless you step up.
    Q8. I don't understand why increase in voltage does not speed up the AC motor like it does for the DC motor.
    Q11. Doesn't seem very clear of what they want to me and I don't see how those images show an induction motor...

    Apart from that, it's quite a good test. Thanks :)
    Thank you so much! I will do the paper tomorrow and scan. The main reason I asked you is because you are so experienced and I would just like to know how I compare in relation to other students you have had in past, as I currently have no benchmark. Thanks again :)
    hello Fizzy_Cyst,
    I am wondering whether you currently do, or would be able to do a marking of a past HSC physics paper that I complete.
    If you are able to, how much you would charge.

    Thanks very much.
    Hey there, I was reading threads with stuff about teaching and Im going to pursue a teaching career. I was wondering what were the top UAIs of student in uni, lol cause I wanna know where I would stand stupid question though. Also what did you get for ur UAI ? Cause u said an Awesome one and I was like how awesome ?!? Thx
    Hey Fizzy_Cyst,

    Sorry for bother you again but my teacher during an assessment asked to "Define trigonometric parallax" worth 2 marks. Most students answered something along the lines of parallax being an apparent change of position and measuring the angle subtended by the base line and halving it to find parallax angle then using trigonometry to determine the distance to the object. The method of determining this distance is called trigonometric parallax.

    My teacher said that students must mention that the angle is subtended by 1 AU (Earth-Sun) but from what I know and all the notes I can find (95+, state ranks etc), what my teacher is describing is annual parallax which is a type of trigonometric parallax.

    Shouldn't all these students be given full marks (2) even if they didn't mention 1 AU?
    Yeah, thanks for clarifying. Though, the question did ask for materials but I'm not gonna bother taking it further.

    It's probably best to move on.

    Thanks again :)
    Hey FC,

    I was looking to disputing my Physics exam since the marking scheme, I thought, wasn't fair since many correct answers were given 0. I was here just to clarify: is it a "requirement" for a semiconductor to be Group IV? I haven't found anything like this in any textbook but the fact that we are taught only about Group IV semiconductors. The only definitions are conductivity between a conductor and an insulator and increase in temperature yields lower resistivity.

    I went around and looked for some non-Group IV semiconductors and found "Aluminium gallium arsenide" which is a semiconducting material.

    The teacher himself said that he could think of up to "5 correct answers" but only put 2 in the marking scheme.

    Any help is appreciated, cheers.
    hey there, im not going to be able to attend the interview. thanks for the offer though.
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