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  • Herro! come up for the next BoS Fag meetup, give Townie a cuddle! :D
    17th of April (this Saturday) at 2 Pm by the QVB, Near the statue and the dog fountain. Hope you can make it :]
    relax hun i wasn't talking about people with actual depression just hypochondriacs who feel the need to self-diagnose themselves due to their shit lives. xox
    Shut up and get here bitch. Also I am drunk. Also there is lots of alcohol in the fridge. Also bring substance but shh. :)
    O-week starts on the 22nd. I hope you're down here before then. I'm moving in this weekend. We put the condition report in 3 days late. Oops.
    Hey man,

    I know u grad from UNCLE's Enviro degree, i was wondering how your finidng employment prospects?

    I'm tossing between taking up a geology degree or a more broad, environmental science degree...

    I'm also finishing a finance degree this year.
    ah, you'll still have to find some time for partying. I might come stalk you in Bathurst next time i'm in the area (have two good friends who live in oberon).

    And yeah, yeah, i know, but he is such a sweetheart, i like him, and shock horror, he likes me back! he even somehow converted me into a top, which was different.
    That link actually doesn't seem to list all the info you need. Please ring Elders tomorrow morning/lunch and ask for those details - don't worry, they'll provide them. Address is 113 Havannah Street Bathurst.
    Hahahahahaha that's epic. So you can do it to please them and if they ever try to enforce it you go "nah not legally binding sorry"
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