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  • Yes, I often stop to bask in my own awesomeness.

    Nano-tech? NANO-TECH?! Have you not seen that episode of the Powerpuff Girls, when nano-bots take over the world?!!
    I think we can reconstruct it, its not the thing you forget easily. Slidey said Sandy but Sydney said Snog. Slidey said Friday but Sydney said pieday. Sydney said tomorrow a day I can borrow? Slidey said yes and will be beautifully dressed.

    america is great thanks :) but i am in australia atm. i am off to the caribbean next week though!
    Why do people call you neil, this is very confusing.

    Did you receive a thing from my studentmail address?
    As far as the elders application goes;

    1. the link to the property you gave us doesn't work, not that this is super important but it leads to...

    2. I'm leaving large parts of the application blank, because I don't know what things like rent per week, bond per week etc.. are going to be. This is fine if I was just sending the documents to you and you can fill in the blanks, but if I'm emailing it direct to the agent, I need to know things like the address, rent $ (which needs to be sorted out per room, likely different rates per person), Bond $, commencement date etc.

    A guarantor is a person who takes financial responsibility if a person on a contract fails to meet the terms of that contract.

    It is an offence under the Landlord and Tenant (Rental Bonds) Act 1977 for a landlord/agent to ask a tenant to provide a guarantor for a residential tenancy agreement. Even if a tenant gives the name of a guarantor, this cannot be legally enforced.
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