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Recent content by Slidey

  1. Slidey

    Computers, Computers, Computers!

    I did poorly at SDD in school. I got 82. I do very well at uni. In hindsight it did teach useful stuff, but honestly how well you do in SDD or how much you like it just doesn't have much relevance to your own level of skill or whether you'll enjoy computer science at uni.
  2. Slidey

    I wanted to do a IT degree until I heard this.................

    What a joke. IT is just about the most useful degree you can take! In fact, I'd strongly argue it definitely is the most useful. There's just nothing else that comes close to it in terms of utility, high-pay, working conditions, mentally rewarding work, diverse job options, and personal...
  3. Slidey

    IT jobs in Canberra

    Canberra has the lowest unemployment rate in the country and the highest wages in the country for all jobs in general. Not only that, though, Canberra also has an extremely high concentration of tech companies, (the main reason I have heard for this is that these companies wish to do business...
  4. Slidey

    Carbon Tax

    The Conservative government of Britain aims to cut carbon emissions 50% by 2025. They've pretty much gone into green overdrive. America is spending billions on wind farms and solar thermal towers (and they look like pretty decent investments in terms of bang for buck, too). Japan is going to...
  5. Slidey

    Moves to outlaw planking

    Planks are an important pillar of society.
  6. Slidey


  7. Slidey

    Where do you sit on the Political Compass?

    One of the stupider posts you've made on BoS.
  8. Slidey

    2010 Federal Election

    It's ironic because more voters from all political parties are willing to vote for Malcolm Turnbull than they are Abbott. In simple English: polls show that a Turnbull-lead Coalition would be winning right now.
  9. Slidey

    Left wing media and its affect on the upcoming election.

    You should start a thread about it on the Internet.
  10. Slidey

    Hong Kong Evidently run by shit cunts

    Pop an aneurysm about it Sylvester.
  11. Slidey

    2010 Federal Election

    Fuck this stupid election.
  12. Slidey

    2010 Federal Election

    What part of Australia's current economic system is unsustainable? I am willing to hear your argument, because I'm no great fan of public debt, but I see no evil in modest, manageable levels of it (as in Australia) compared to monstrous levels of it (as in America and Britain).
  13. Slidey

    2010 Federal Election

    The Reserve Bank has completely undercut Abbott's debt argument, pointing out that Australian public debt is at historically low levels. The RBA also point out that they are not afraid to raise interest rates during an election campaign, however, which no doubt the Coalition will latch onto and...
  14. Slidey

    2010 Federal Election

    But to Abbott a low abortion rate is also a bad thing. He does not accept that abortions have their place in modern medicine and women's rights.