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  • hey. one more question - do you have to go through a selection/interview/get a certain mark to get into quantitative risk ?
    Thanks for the rep, would rep you back if I could find a post from you somewhere :p
    Hmm... Can you just send me the maths ones then. You can upload them i can download them myself. Anyway is fine. Thanks.
    in 1st year, is there any course that gives you a feel of what is like in that certain major?
    e.g. in the commerce degree - acct1501, econ1101, mgmt1001, etc.
    Oh. Do you have all your HSC past papers in one folder or is it separated? Is it possible it you can send me them? Sorry. It's just that i'm starting to collect now so that when the time comes, i wont have to waste time trying to search for them. If you could send them, it would be really appreciated. Thanks!
    is it a good combo doing quantitative / actuarial ? well many people do it which mean there are some benefits right ?:)
    im actually considering quantitative risk/pure/finance/actuarial. but which major is better for the financial sector?
    hey. just saw your sign that you do commerce/advanced maths in unsw. im interested in that course as well.

    how is it?
    Hi gurmies. I saw your post just then and was wondering if you had any prelim past papers left? I would really be thankful if you could send me any you have. Thanks!
    ahaha thanks for the rep

    the aim was actually around 85-92 but yeahh i beat it :) pretty happy about that
    Hey man, congratz on ur ATAR. solid effort.

    our school rank dropped to 48th lol
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