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  • - did you do comp1911/1917? is it really hard? is there any way to avoid it?

    haven't done it yet, sorry. 1911 is okay, 1917 is pretty difficult though. i think it's compulsory for your maths degree so i don't think you can avoid it. computing skills would look amazing on your resume though, so think about that.

    - when did you know that you would go for applied maths but not pure / stats ? is there any support/help from the faculty to guide students to choose the right major?
    i pretty much did my own research on that. MATHSOC will be hosting a majors talk in the middle of second semester to help first year and second year students decide on their major.

    - if i dont know what to major in commerce (either finance or actuarial), should i do ACTL1001 just to be safe, or should i do something else until i know what im going to major in?
    i recommend you do ACTL1001. even if you don't major in actuarial, it will still count towards your commerce component as a flexible core course.
    Do 1151, it helps with later courses. For Quant Risk, you'll know by the middle of second year. Speak to John Steele and he'll give you his opinion regarding your eligibility.
    I did ECON1101, MATH1141, SCIF1121 and ACCT1501. If you want to do Quant Risk... well, ask them. Plus you can't "choose" to do Quant Risk - iirc, you have to be invited into it and they'll tell you what to do. I think it's MATH1141 though.
    Estimate Please :)

    Subject - Exam Mark (moderated all out of 100 except SOR1U out of 50) - Overall yr rank (CSSA TRIAL)

    Maths - 41 - 33/39
    Adv Eng - 56 - 16/69
    Biology - 65 - 7/31
    Legal - 53 - 4/17
    IPT - 91 - 3/15
    Studies of Religion 1U - 24 - 41/82

    School Rank 350 - 400
    est please for friend

    subject rank exam result CSSA TRIALS
    Chemistry 3/18................ 70/100
    advanced maths 2/45....... 98/120
    advanced english 21/69.... 65/105
    SOR:2unit 5/41............... 77/100
    Physics 1/20................... 70/100
    school rank:350-400

    estimate please

    subject rank exam result CSSA TRIALS
    Chemistry 3/18 70/100
    advanced maths 2/45 90/120
    advanced english 25/69 65/105
    SOR:2unit 6/41 75/100
    Physics 1/20 70/100

    school rank: 300-350
    i always do 1-2 extra techniques for prescribed texts, but i think they all get marked evenly. not too sure tbh, sorry :(
    estimation please
    Subject... Trial Mark... Overall Rank (We did the CSSA Trials)
    English Advanced... 65/105... 30/70
    Maths Extension... 37/84... 7/15
    Maths Advance... 79/120... 2/41
    Physics... 72/100... 1/17
    Chemistry... 59/100... 3/15
    SOR 2unit... 77/100... 5/52
    School Rank: 300
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