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  • Not muchhhh :p
    Haven't worked since Friday, and my next shift is Wednesday. Probably will get called in tomorrow no doubt.. :p
    Have a good one!
    no offence, but those kind of ssm's annoy me. Though don't take me seriously, I'm hardly the poster girl for a customer-focussed staff member. I'm fairly laid back, and my store is ALWAYS busy so if we called an express alert every time we should then we'd have one half of our trading hours. you'd think this would mean more hours but no...

    one of the ssm's i have at the moment is more inclined to look at the line rather than serve it. the other one you don't even have to call, its like she instantly knows when we're busy. they're such a contrast, and its a shame that they're not in the store at the same time (one is full time salaried, the other is casual and has her roster designed so that there is always an ssm in the store).

    But yeah, good luck, don't fuck anything up too bad ;) I am sure it will all be fine.
    you know, tomorrow might not suck as much as you think. or am i just too optimistic?

    has your mum said anything about it? good or bad...
    haha nowhere near you, wa south coast.
    i hear we've got much better weather than you guys at the moment :)
    Hehe I am indeed! :p - Ah I thought you were older than 17 when I looked at your profile earlier tonight, muhaha.
    oh yeah, forgot to tell you earlier, i totally saw a harry lookalike when i was at the beach this morning. sporting a bintang singlet and all ;)

    but of course, it was not you.
    yeah I ask them to give me whole days but they don't listen to me... grr.
    i'm on my open license haha, even better, now I can have a couple of beers :p
    haha, dunno what to do but going out soon anyway? :p sounds like you know what to do haha...
    yeah i'm ok, don't work till 3.30-7.30, bleh! well at least you have sydney to do something with, and all the people in it, townsville is so boring :p can't wait to get away.
    No problems, my advice though, dont go telling everybody at once, start with people who you know will be supportive, because honestly, not everybody will be, and you'll need that support to fall back on. but be prepared, sometimes the people you think will be supportive arent, and the most suprising people will be more supportive that you can expect...it's a wild ride :p. and always happy to provide a shoulder to lean/cry on, have been doing it for the newbies for a while.
    lol, no, why on earth would i think your an idiot! It isnt an easy thing to go through, even if you have all the support in the world, it isnt. Like my parents were heaps supportive, but it was still a turbulent time for me. but on the other hand, at the end of the day, when it's all over, it is one of the best experiences of your life.
    yeah, pretty sure i do, are you okay? the realisation, or even just the consideration of it, can freak you out a bit sometimes/most of the time
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