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  • Haha, yes, I saw them, looks like you had fun. AH, I could have gone with my friends but I didn't, oh well. I'm going round the world next year wheee!
    How was Bali? I had a couple of friends that were just over there for the last 2 weeks.. quite jealous! :p
    well, there's that, more that you seemed nice and down to earth, but slightly quirky too. i'll just have to stalk yoddle instead :p
    Umm, it's a Stand-Alone, 5 Aisles plus + produce + liquor. Walk in the front, to the left is liquor, to the right is smokeshop, and behind smokeshop 3 express regs, then next to that 4 full service lanes, then to the left of that is the service desk. out the back is the top stock room, then downstairs is the main stockroom, managers office, general + cash office, staff rooms etc.
    you should! it's a dinky little store, but everybody is so nice, and becuase i'm in charge, you know it has to be good
    I'm 21. Nice pics btw. Also are the photos you posted of the new Woolworths store layout are they from your own store or another?
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