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  • Hey there, good luck with your EEXII Viva Voce and Extension History and Extension English assessments. I know only too well what you're probably feeling at the moment with the week from hell coming up. I'm sure you'll come through with flying colors :) . And even if you don't exactly smash it, like me ;), you simply pick it up through the rest of the year, and the results will speak for themselves. Be proactive, positive and keep things in focus.

    Best of Luck:smile:
    I wish I could help you out. I was planning to do my HSC @ Tafe and finish 2012; I enrolled today but it'll be a two year HSC course ( kinda like school >_< but I'm doing 3 subjects this year and 2 the next.. pretty sad I won't be finishing this year, but still aiming high. I'll be doing Legal Studies next year paired with Ancient History. I was convinced since the 1 year intensive course is Prelim/HSC and they rush/cram it in. Ah wells, still will be doing the HSC for those 3 subjects, I guess I chose Legal Studies cause my Aunty could help me out a lot since she's experienced with it. Sorry, wish I could've helped you out, hope someone shares notes with yuh :)
    yeh and we should like totally make out and everything omg11~~!

    I am not gay for the record.
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