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  • Hey just one more question. Don't worry about mailing them. I don't think that it will be an issue for me to travel to your area. You know how in b business and com b laws you can choose if you can do accounting etc? Would we need your books listed for whatever one we choose to major in? I think I will need to purchase both of the law foundation books that you are going to sell. I'm sure that they will be useful. Thanks :) just let me know how much you are going to sell the books for and what other books I will need for sure. Thanks again
    hey thank you. yes i am interested in buying approx that amount of books off you. I live in the st george area-carlton.
    yeah im going for my ps soon but i just gotta learn how to do parralel parking lol...you would think that i would learn how to park earlier on :D
    so the required reading material needs to be bought for sure? I'm interested in buying a few of those books-esp the required reading material+recommended texts. thanks.
    yeah campbelltown is really cool. I had my orthotics done there since i was in year 5 :D i looove the pond-only reason why i didnt choose that campus was travel time by public transport :(
    btw, thanks for the link :D
    heyy thanks and thank you for the friendship request :D :D
    im inerested in buying some books :D just let me know the books that you have for sale :D
    i might be studying a few units at campbelltown so i may see you there :D
    hey, according to your sig. we're doing the same course... i was just wondering if you had figured out your timetable, and if so, how many contact hours do you have per week? cheers.
    lol u spelt it wrong twice :O
    idk... way to not fulfill ur stereotypes
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