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    My Course Planning session? What? Am I meant to be attending this?

    You don't need to attend, most people don't bother and it's really only for people having trouble working out how to use MySR etc.
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    Adding Units and Timetable

    So what you need to do is go to the Handbook and click on your chosen Key Program to see the recommended order of units. There are 8 core units for Business. Autumn 200101.4 Accounting Information for Managers 200336.3 Business...
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    ... we dont get a tabulated view of our units?! CMON UWS!

    Every semester I reuse an excel template I made my first year, its not preferable but it works. Ugh, the spam..I haven't had the time to delete mine yet x_x;
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    Hardest units im doing

    1. BAS 2. AIM (maths is very basic and the assignment was a group research one when I did it) 3. Economics (if you did economics in highschool this unit is 10 x easier, if you didn't this unit is still pretty straight forward) 4. Stats (I did Economic Methods but both of these subjects are a...
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    Alternatively you could buy them secondhand at or the following facebook page
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    Statutory interp recommendation (or none?)

    There's no reason you shouldn't be. Some statutes are harder to interpret than others *cough* tax legislation *cough* but you should be fine. If you're having trouble with interpretation just ask your teacher, they'll be happy to help.
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    lawyers/uni law students please help me with this issue??? about someone threatening.

    Re: lawyers/uni law students please help me with this issue??? about someone threaten Report it for the simple reason that it goes on record. There's not really much that can be done though, it's your word against his(?).
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    Statutory interp recommendation (or none?)

    Are you looking for a textbook/guide on statutory interpretation? I never had one, I learnt how to interpret legislation in my classes and found I didn't need an extra text to teach me =)
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    Law at UWS: any good?

    I wouldn't listen to people saying you don't get jobs if you go to UWS. I know plenty of people who have GOOD jobs who are UWS Law graduates. However, I wouldn't recommend UWS Law if you have the choice for the simple reason that they have recently cut HALF of the available LLB electives. Of...
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    UWS Campbelltown people?

    Agree with staff being approachable, I have never had a problem with getting some extra help with any of my lecturers, they're all happy to schedule a time to go over any question I have etc. The library isn't bad 95% of the time, but then you get those days where everything seems to be going...
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    UWS Campbelltown people?

    I'm doing Law at UWS at the moment and tbh I would recommend that you apply elsewhere to do your LLB. I was quite happy with my degree until the uni made some cuts due to it's budget. They have cut HALF of the LLB electives, leaving not much of a selection. Of the half that are still left...
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    Early Offer (what to do next!?) PLEASE HELP

    @Lola - My assumption would be that your letter from UWS would have some mention of the course you have been offered.
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    What perfume are you wearing at the moment?

    How do you know it lasts a week with a pleasant smell?? Do you just neglect to shower all week? D= I'm really liking my Ralph Lauren perfume at the moment =)
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    If you've lost your virginity, at what age?

    My first time was special, it was with my friend who didn't actually know I was a virgin. He still treated me like a princess. Sex doesn't suck for girls, you just need to find a partner who considers your needs aswell.
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    Absent Fail UWS

    Depends on the unit. Without doctors certificate etc in most units they will fail you. I would speak to the unit coordinator about the class requirements. Normally when a minimum attendance rate is stated in the LG it is a requirement.