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  1. Interdrama

    anyone applying to JCU????

    Just apply to every uni and go to whichever one you get into. Education at JCU will be equivalent to the big city universities.
  2. Interdrama

    Role of the chemist

    It's been 7 years since I did the HSC and I still sometimes remember Luke (not his real name) and his role in polyethene production.
  3. Interdrama

    UMAT 2015 Discussion Thread

    I personally found MedEntry to be a valuable resource in gauging where I was standing with regards to the rest of the candidates. The percentile score they give gave me a solid idea on the parts I needed to improve in order to be competitive. Things might have changed since 2011.
  4. Interdrama

    I heard a rumor today...

    Monash University's grad stream will be taking at least 50/75 of its students from the Monash Bachelor of Biomedical Science graduate cohort starting from 2017. http://www.med.monash.edu.au/medicine/admissions/grad-entry/mbbs-pathways.html
  5. Interdrama

    Monash MBBS transitioning to MBBS (Hons) from 2015

    All current (excluding final year) and future students will be eligible to graduate with a MBBS (Hons) with no change in curriculum. The Deputy Dean has also revealed at a different time that the university will be changing to a MD program starting 2017-2018.
  6. Interdrama

    2012 School Rankings

    It'll be interesting to see how the median turns out though, my year last year had the lowest median ATAR in a long time.
  7. Interdrama

    2012 School Rankings

    Ruse keeps losing its margin more and more every year. The school clearly needs more Asians.
  8. Interdrama

    I feel like I should know you.

    I feel like I should know you.
  9. Interdrama

    Selective vs normal school?

    Basically you are right. The best part about going to a selective school is how bad you feel when you don't do well. I believe Ruse is the only school in the state that gives you ranks in every subject at the half yearlies and yearlies every year from 7-12. You may think that that's not a...
  10. Interdrama

    Creative paper 1 whaaaaaat

    i have a guy who rang and said that they were sure that it was not a typo
  11. Interdrama

    Creative paper 1 whaaaaaat

    lol at people who think that ruse students study.
  12. Interdrama

    Creative paper 1 whaaaaaat

    ruse knew last week because ruse is psychic or some shit