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    A Guide to University for First Years

    Great intro guide! Also just a bit more info on some of the best unis to apply for in Australia
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    Part time jobs after HS

    I know a lot of people that do either hospitality or retail for part-time work between uni Found a few sites with other ideas
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    Travelling within Australia

    Here's a few really good websites I found to kickstart Oz travel ideas...
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    Travelling within Australia

    Definitely Perth, Byron, Noosa or Sydney!!
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    Am I alone in hating airplane food?

    Is plane food even real?
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    What can you do if you get into an amazing university overseas but can't afford it?

    Re: What can you do if you get into an amazing university overseas but can't afford i See if you can get a bank loan to secure funds
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    Only one-in-four students enter uni based on ATAR score, new report shows

    Everyone should just be able to go to university and get higher education, no atar required.....
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    The Shittest Movie Ever.

    Every Tom Cruise action movie....
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    Favourite Movies.

    Gone Girl Lord of the Rings The Matrix The Prestige Harry Potter Greenstreet Hooligans Fight Club Perfume
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    Last movie you watched? And what you thought of it?

    Not exactly a movie....but Sharp Objects HBO series! It's the best thing I've watched this year hands down! You will not get the twist!
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    What are some simple and tasty smoothies to make?

    The. Best. 250ml almond milk 1/2 cup blueberries 1 banana (frozen) tsp honey tsp LSA
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    If you take a gap year are you still eligible for HECs help?

    You're fine! So many people defer uni first year and take a gap year. Just talk to your uni about deferring your enrolment & you'll be able to apply for HECS when you decide to start up your course
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    Should I take a gap year?

    I think for anyone with mental health risk (usually exacerbated by the HSC...thanks department of education) a GAP year is a good idea to get a bit of perspective on life, realise your life isn't school-uni-work, and just take time off to put things in perspective. You can always defer uni!!!
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    Chances of employment

    It totally depends on the kind of job you want to do...could just be a short stint or casual work type thing. Checkout wikipedia site for student job search sites this article is pretty good too...
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    I'm not a vegan. I think the movement is amazing! But a lot of people just get involved for the "personal health" and "diet" aspect as opposed to actually caring about animals. I also wish people spent as much time wondering what underpaid persons human rights were violated making PLENTY of...