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  • Hi, I would like to join your group because racism against Jews, or anyone for that matter, sucks.
    doood someone just showed me that there is some sort of "social group" thing not long ago, n i saw urs soooooooooooooooo i don't mean anything bad but i don't like people saying stuff about ma background, sori
    I was with a mate and he pointed out to me that you were Jared from BOS. anyways, it was from a distance........ and i assumed you were someone who would not meet people from BOS. why would you?
    I didn't pay attention to anyone else who was on the bus and didn't notice you till you got off... 5 and a half hours on your feet... boo hoo I wored 11am-6pm on my feet. Deal with it. :) haha will you be on the evning bus on Fri?
    Naw sowee I just wanted to get home... 5.5 hr shift my feet were DEAD and the one day I decide to get off the stop before the bus goes all the effin way to my stop :(
    You shoulda said hi when you got on!
    I just wanted to beat the bus home but it beat me :( lol yeah I saw you. lol when you got on the bus I was like "haha be funny if that was JaredR".... o_O then it was lol

    I wont be on that bus tomorrow, I'll be on the 7:10 at LC West to get to work at 7:30
    I would be interested in this paper if you still have it!
    The Illawarra Grammar School Year 12 Half Yearly 2002

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