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  • Thats what they all say when they get shit marks. Must be a very prestigious degree with very high entrance requirements if dumshits like you are allowed in. lol err if you ever become a solicitor, which I doubt considering grads from prestigious unis don't, you will be stuck in a desk job!
    hey jono, i hope this odesn't come off as anti-semitic but i'm just intrigued. would you be Jewish by any chance? i'm just interested that's all
    lol, im 165cm tall and i currently weigh 64kg, i used to be 69kg back when i was in yr 12, 2007, i used to go to the gym once a week (but my knowledge about weights and diets and stuff was no where near as much as it is now).

    Erm, diet im not too sure of. I dont care much about gaining fat and stuff, so i eat whatever i want whenever i want, haha. As long as it contains meat tho, so if my mum's made vege's, then i'd get some kebabs or chicken nuggets out of the freezer.

    As for workout regime... not too sure. I currently just bench, then upright row, then other random isolated stuff, for chest, tri's, bi's, shoulder, because i only have 40kg worth of weights at home, which really sux.
    i was supposed to go to gym with a friend these holidays, but apparently he doesnt have any money :/
    where do u live? by my gym buddy and spot me? :D
    Law/Arts at Deakin at Burwood, and I have the score to get in. Also looking at Law/ International Relation at La Trobe, but that needs 94.95 which I didn't achieve. I'll see how it goes though.

    Best of luck with what you choose and once again congrats...just avoid the fucking commies and pinkos at Monash or Melbourne; the place is littered with them.
    Cheers bro, I'm also over the moon. Your Lit score was good considering you thought you flopped it. Well done on your score man. Any idea what you're doing next year?
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