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  • lol trust me, VCE isn't that hard, you really just have to be a smart with your how you approach your studies and you should be alright. It helps having a supportive cohort and teachers but generally speaking motivation and will power should get you through.
    Laugh-my-dentures-off, as if you won't get into Arts/Law @ Monash, I read your message and was like, WOW, this is like a thesis.

    What's so appealing about Arts @ Melbourne may I ask?
    Thanks so much for your thoughtful reply! Really made my day by restoring lost faith mate, good on ya, because everyone else on this site seems to be a shithead concerned only with the pursuit of "the" 99.95 and dialling numbers into entercalc.

    Yeah, my first preference is Arts/Law @ Monash and did you say that was yours as well? How freakishly coincidental it would be if we both got in. (quite unlikely, I'll bomb out and spend my existence on the streets)

    I wish you good luck with your exams lest your intelligence fails, and thanks again for the advice. It is much appreciated laaa...

    Take care!
    You're alive after you were shot in the head in that incident at San Heironymo Peninsula a few decades ago?
    I dont really know if youre joking old man, but I claim no allegiance to the Liberal party's brand of individual 'freedom'. For sure i'd be a fan if it were still the party of Menzies, but I must part ways on neo-liberalism.
    Lol i'd like to join, but i'm a young Labor hack from way back.

    Although politics does little to stir my passions these days
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