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  • You were working. I was like - that looks a lot like Jnney and then I saw the nametag and I was like that has to be her. But I didnt want to say anything because you were working and I wasnt sure if you'd recognise me.
    Hey Jnney, I'm good yourself? I'm just hanging around pretty much at this hour. I think I may have spotted you the other day.
    4 dayz left bra
    btw, grats on yo atar haha
    didn't know what it was exactly till now!:)
    bee tee doubleyou, did u apply for jcu?
    Yeah, feel free to add me - Dylan Amali (same dp as this), prefs close soon be quick! :p
    or, alternatively, skype: dylanamali probs easier.
    Yeah sooo good- just been chilling- going out, hitting the beach etc. I've started doing some tutoring though so now I need to look at HSC stuff again hahaha
    It's all good - it's good to get our collective opinions out there. As I have said before, I think you post a lot of great stuff with regards to dealing with stress and self-management. The issue I am most passionate about on BoS is dealing with the emotional/mental aspects of the HSC and I think you offer a tonne of great advice in this area.
    I'm the same dont worry - I am not the most confrontational person around, even with debates.
    Not at all - those kinds of things are very complicated and we all have differing views on them. Aysce and myself sort of disagree on that stuff and I actually think that disagreement is good. That thread is about an issue and as one of my modern teachers would say "an issue is a conflict of truths". So it's good to discuss the issue out and get a variety of views. There is no one final answer to that thread, like there would be for something like a maths question or a question about scaling.

    On that issue, I have sort of a realistic mentality I suspect that you and aysce might be more idealistic.
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