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    Finding my Superannuation

    Hi guys! I'm in my first year of uni this year and I would like to keep all my Superannuation from my work all in one account. I did some research on it and apparently I should have a super account from my first job that required a TFN. If that is the case, how and where will i find that...
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    Bus from USYD to UNSW

    Hey guys! Is there a bus from USYD that goes straight to UNSW without having to take a bus to central and then another bus to UNSW? Thanks in advance!
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    How much time should I put into studying for 3u?

    So as someone who just managed to pass 3u and obtain an e3, I spent a decent amount of time for 3u BUT it wasn't just repetitive practice with all topics. With 3u, you usually know what topics you're weak at and you do lots of exam style questions and even just simple ones from the textbook to...
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    Actuarial MACQ 40k scholarship or UNSW?????HELP :(

    Everyone here has made a good point. So here is something new: If it does turn out that your UMAQ social life isn't what you expect, and that you're not making great or close friends and developing meaningful friendships or things like your friends from UNSW start telling you how great their...
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    2018 HSC+ATAR results discussion Thread

    When do the rest of the state ranks come out?
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    Studying a language

    Hi guys! Just wondering if it's possible to continue studying a language in uni even though it has no correlation with my course at all - just a side interest. Thanks! This is at USYD btw.
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    Amount of Work/study

    Around 7 -8 hours a day, hoping for a 95-96. Honestly I just hit the library from 11am - 7pm (not all hours are productive but most are) and relax from dinner and afterwards. Careful not to burn out and take some breaks here and there !
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    Stressed - haven't done much

    I graduated yesterday and it had only just hit me that there's barely anytime before HSC. How many past papers have you guys done or just anything in general? I've done barely anything and I have just refined my essays (haven't practiced with any questions) and it's starting to stress me...
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    lol i'm being really petty but...

    In my opinion, the friends that are more closer to you seem to be the ones that get more jealous. This is a first hand experience and I guess if they're jealous, then you're on a good track (academically!) Congrats though :)
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    Engineering for a shy guy?

    Communication is necessary for all courses and in life, there are so many suggestions here but my personal favourite is getting a part time job. Since I started working (retail/hospitality) I've had so many opportunities to talk with new people/colleagues and customers whenever I want - I highly...
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    HSC Japanese Tutoring

    Hi I sent you an email!
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    Having a language on Resume

    Hi guys! Just wondering, do applicants with multiple languages (with credentials such as JLPT) listed on their resumes have a higher employment opportunity? My friend plans to sit the JLPT this year and wondering if it has any benefits for resumes and employment. Thankyou
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    Sydney Scholars Award

    Hey guys! Is anyone here applying for the Sydney Scholars award and for those who have applied/received the award, how competitive and difficult is the selection process? According to the page, the character limit for the 6 questions are 1000 - but how long are responses meant to be or usually...
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    Help need to choose James Ruse or Sydney Boys high school

    First of all, congratulations to you and your child for being able to even have the choice between these 2 amazing selective high schools! Both are great schools with gifted students and although Ruse is consistently ranked 1, SBHS is almost always has a single digit ranking overall too. So...
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    Should i keep or bin old year 10 school work ?

    Keep Year 10 maths notes but bin English - barely any correlation in senior years and attrack cockroaches :c