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  • Lol.. uhh, my studying plans are failing.. I'm getting distracted too easily T_T; rearranged it; 29 hours ==
    Whot flavoured yoghurt?
    lol uts.pssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssht..nah jks..no idea man..looks like you've decided everything O.O
    i've not done jack with the net book yet...
    i think i'll replace my notebooks with that
    kinda cool..you write everything in your netbook XD
    OMG julie
    must get my hands on that journal
    muhahahahahahah *FAIL evil laugh*
    :) hows your school going? wtf julie..30 hours per week...craaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazyyyyy
    Yeah its me LOL! I found your from your post on study hours! This has got to be the most random thing that has ever happened to me on the net hahahaha! So hows school going without me? I can see your stressing a little!
    yep, try your best coz hard work pays off
    u'd be surprised how different yr 11 is from yr 10
    dont freak out too much
    oh and when pplz say oh dont stress coz it doesnt count towards anything...dont listen to them
    yr 12 is a continuation of yr 11. therefore yr 11 is the foundation of yr 12
    Civil is definitely what i'm doing and thanks :D
    Pfft we just missed out on top 100 this year.... meh lol
    Ah i see. Well don't worry, if you work hard you'll end up with the mark you deserve!
    Yeah i do modern ^^
    What you learn depends on what options you do, but basically you learn about the major events of a certain country in a specified time - the causes and consequences etc etc. I found it very interesting!
    Hmmm do modern if you like politics + essays. Do science if you like concepts + applying concepts + a bit of maths :)
    yep i do hav a tutor for maths, shes really gud, its a 1 on 1 tutoring
    so its really effective coz all the time is given to just one student
    UNSW for Civil Engineering - it is reputably the best enginering uni in UNSW from my research :D
    Hehe, i sure hope i get over 90 ^^
    I go to Cerdon College, a school constently ranked in the top 100.
    How about you?
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